About the Wiki category


This category allows users to post helpful information for other forum members. That can include FAQ’s, tutorials, or mini How-To’s.

What is a Wiki?

  • A Wiki is community edited content . Unlike HTG’s articles or even forum posts, which are written and owned by one person, Wiki posts are owned by everyone. No one person owns a Wiki post. Instead, it belongs to the community.

What is a FAQ?

  • A Frequently Asked Question is one we see here all the time. For example, we’ll see the question “how do I make good backups?” here pretty regularly. When that happens, find that topic in the Wiki FAQ, and reply to the question with the Wiki link, rather than spelling out the process again.

What do I do? How do I help?

Editing a Wiki is a collaborative and open process. If you see an article that can use improvement, jump in and help. Here are some guidelines that may help

  • Be Bold - if you see a way you can improve a topic, jump in and make a contribution.
  • Be Accurate - only post factual information. Do not post opinion or commentary. For example, don’t just say “X is best.” Instead, say “X performs this task you may need.”
  • Be Concise - people don’t read long articles and tend not to absorb a ton of information at once. Use bullet points when possible on lists, and try to keep a post short and to the point. If you want to expand on a point, create follow-up replies to add detail.
  • Discussion - Don’t use a Wiki post for discussing the Wiki post. Instead, create a new thread for discussion. This keeps the Wiki topic clean and allows for later expansion when the need arises.
  • Disagreements - We’ll disagree from time to time, even when sticking to the facts. Try not to start an “edit war”. If you find yourself changing back an edit someone else made for the second time, stop and hash it out in PM’s or a discussion thread. The mods will put a stop to edit wars by locking the post - at which point, its value will be diminished over time as its information goes stale.
  • Review - If you’re an active forum member, review the Wiki section from time to time. If you see out of date information or you hear of new information, that would be a great time to update an article.

##How do I Edit a Wiki Post?##

If you have the rights to edit a post, you’ll notice the pencil icon under the post. Just click that icon, and the post will go into edit mode, just like when you need to fix a mistake in your own forum post.

Here’s a picture of the edit button (highlighted in yellow), and will be at the bottom of the Wiki post on the right, near the Reply button: