I want to buy from Amazon.com i need help


I want to buy certain computer hardwares from amazon.com and I’m from india. I want to know what’s the procedure would i have to pay extra import duty and would i’ve to show any kind of tax form or have to fill up any declaration form ???
Please help me.


Hello Rishab.
Apologies for the delayed response.

Yeah I would surely like to help you up on this.

Usually for small value products the import duty is included, however if you are going for a product above 50k, additional import duty can be attracted; its hard to say most of the times as import duty tariffs keep on changing depending on the category of the products.

Usually when you buy a product from Amazon these days; most of your import duty and other expenses is covered; and probably you wont have to do anything; however if any thing comes up you can ping up Amazon Support as you would have already paid up the approx duty; and if there’s any additional duty; most of the times Amazon.com covers it; if it isn’t too high.

You can be asked to pay up remaining balance thought; however that wont be much.

In short; if buying from Amazon.com, you have got most of the things covered.

Hope that cleared your query. :slight_smile: